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November 16, 2020!



10 Day Thanksgiving Challenge

Did you know that research shows half of all annual weight gain occurs during the holiday period?!  And most Americans never lose those extra pounds. 

So every year, I invite the Crew to get in the Zone and workout with me every day for 10 days leading up to Thanksgiving!   


1. Workout every day for 10 days (at least 30 minutes).

2. No sugar or junk food the entire 10 days.  

3. LIKE the Jiggle Free Zone Facebook page and check in each day of the Challenge by posting a comment that you've completed your workout for the day.  

The daily check in is for accountability and inspiration from me and the rest of the Crew!  It also qualifies you for the GIVE-A-WAY! 



The BIGGEST LOSER wins a FREE 1 month membership to the Jiggle Free Online Fitness Studio!  You'll have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all my Jiggle Free workouts for the month of December so you can start 2020 strong and fit! 

**You must follow all the Challenge Rules to qualify so don't forget to check in daily with your workouts on the Jiggle Free Zone Facebook page!

I'll announce the winner via email the weekend after Thanksgiving!

So, grab a friend and join me to beat the "holiday bulge" and be 10 jiggle free steps ahead of everyone pledging to start Jan 1st! 

Already have a paid monthly subscription to the Jiggle Free Online Fitness Studio? You can take the Challenge for FREE!  Just email me that you want to be enrolled and I'll sign you up!  

What you Get


  • 10 days of guided workouts from a Certified Fitness Instructor. Includes the launch of my soon to be released "Die Fat Die!" Intervals workout!

  • My 10 Day weight loss meal plan for healthy meals and snacks every day of the Challenge.

  • Daily accountability and inspiration on my FB page @jigglefreezone

  • An opportunity to beat the "holiday bulge" and be 10 jiggle free steps ahead of everyone pledging to start Jan 1st!

  • The BIGGEST LOSER wins a FREE 1 month membership to the Jiggle Free Online Fitness Studio!

Pricing options

one-time non-refundable payment

5 Tips to Beat the "Holiday Bulge"

1. Do 30 minutes of cardio each morning before breakfast. You’ll burn stored fat since your body has to tap into fat stores for energy.

2. Increase workout frequency. If you already workout 3 days a week, increase it to 5 days a week.  During the holidays, you’re likely taking in extra calories (and fat, sodium, and sugar).  You need to burn off those extra calories by moving more.

3. Increase water intake.  Water helps flush sugar, fat and toxins from your body.  The goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces.

4. Indulge selectively.  Save the sweet treats, cheat meals & alcohol for holiday socials.  That way you can indulge a little and not feel deprived.

5. Eat until you’re satiated.  It’s hard not to get second helpings when the food tastes so GOOD!  But here’s a strategy.  Eat one plate of food and then dessert.  Wait at least an hour before getting seconds. By then, your brain will have signaled that you’re full and you probably won’t want seconds.

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